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Picena Coast


Surprise, amazement, wonder…at finding really unexpected images and views all concentrated in one small town. The mild, temperate climate, the beach with its fine golden sand, the alleyways and natural “balconies” of the medieval town, the green seafront with its decorative and majestic pines and the splendid Liberty Avenue have always attracted people in search of a holiday with a human dimension. If elsewhere tourism has become an industry, here it still has a “crafted” character – more liveable and personalized. In this brochure we want to give you a foretaste of the emotions you will enjoy by visiting us. Welcome to the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.

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san benedettoSan Benedetto del Tronto

The largest concentration of palm trees in Europe, soft sandy beach, the warm embrace of the sea with its soft, shallow bottom, and finally the local cuisine where specialties based on seafood are the fruition of an exclusive seaside tradition. This is the Riviera of the Palms, a countryside with a tropical flavor, a magic harmony of amusement, relaxation and good health.

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